Research Directions

Vietnam-France Psychology Institute is a science and technology organization, operating under the certification No. B-16/2019 / DK-KH & CN. of the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology

The Vietnam-France Psychology Institute's strategy is to become a high standard research institution, carry out science and technology projects according to international standards, meet the rigorous requirements of advanced science in the world, contribute to the development of Psychology and Psychiatry in Vietnam.

The research staff of the Institute are national and international experts, who have leaded international and national research projects.

With the above objects, the Vietnam-France Psychology Institute deploys the following main research directions:
  • Research on feeling of happiness, feeling of happiness of children in different environments;
  • Educational psychology, developmental psychology, common problems in students and interventions;
  • Methods of evaluation and intervention, psychological and psychiatric therapy;
  • Develop and adapt psychological and psychiatric assessment tools;
  • Social psychology, organizational psychology and how to apply in organizational development as well as human development;
  • Vocational guidance and career education;
  • Research on advanced, modern school and organization models