Chuyên gia

PHD. DR. Cao Van Tuan

Lĩnh vực nghiên cứu : Psychiatry

Nơi công tác : Central Mental Hospital I

1. Demographic Information

  • Full Name: Cao Văn Tuân

  • Title: PhD. Psychiatrist

2. Education & Training

  • 1988: Graduated as medical doctor from Hanoi Medical University

  • 1994: Child clinical psychology course at NT Center

  • 1997: Master of Psychiatry at Hanoi Medical University

  • 1999: Internship as a resident doctor (FFI) specializing in pediatric psychiatry in French

  • 2011: Excellent defense of the doctoral thesis in Clinical psychology, majoring in Cross-cultural Psychiatry at University of Paris 13 – France

3. Professional Experience

  • Vice President of Vietnam Psychotherapy Association

  • Former Head of Pediatric Psychiatry Department - Central Psychiatric Hospital 1

  • Head of Line Directing Department – Central Psychiatric Hospital 1

  • Secretary of the National Children and Community Mental Health Protection Project