Reproductive health & sexual assault prevention

    I. Course 1
    1. Object:
    - Understanding basic and correct knowledge about gender and adolescent reproductive health issues
    - Helping children understand the consequences of unsafe sex behaviors

    2. Content:
    - Issues related to adolescent reproductive health
    - The physical and psychological changes of adolescents
    - Adolescent reproductive health care
    - Sexually transmitted infections

    3. Teaching method:
    - Discuss after watching video
    - Group discussion
    - Tools: Projector, A0 paper, marker pen, tape, scissors ...

    4. Duration: 1 session, 3 hours / session

    II. Course 2:
    1. Object:

    - Aware of sexual assault
    - Knowing how to help their children to protect themselves

    2. Content:
    - Understanding children sexual assault, types of assault
    - Understanding children protection system
    - Identifying perpetrators and dangerous situations
    - Self-protection skills that parents can teach their children.

    3. Teaching method:
    - Case studies, group discussions
    - Discuss after watching a video
    - Tools: Documents, case studies, markers, A0 paper, A4 paper, tape, scissors

    4. Duration: 2 classes, 3 hours / session
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