Parents - children relationship and how-to response to family conflicts

    - Understanding the meaning and importance of the close relationship between parents and children, as well as the educational method that parents apply to their children in the family.
    - Practicing positive parenting skills; non-punitive educational skills and coping skills in family conflicts.

    - Understanding the concept of parent-children attachment, parental control / supervision of children and the role of parental support
    - Parenting skills
    - Non-punitive / positive educational skills
    - Conflict coping skills

    Teaching method:
    - Case studies
    - Role playing
    - Group
    - Discuss after watching a video
    - Tools: Colored cards, markers, A0 papers, case studies

    Duration: 2 classes, 3 hours / session

    4. Duration: 1 session, 3 hours / session
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