Workshop “Stress Management” at Nguyen Sieu School

In modern society, stress is becoming increasingly common, directly impacting mental health and reducing effectiveness in work and study, and it can lead to dangerous consequences, especially among students. They often experience stress but may not truly understand the necessary coping mechanisms and prevention methods.

On November 13, 2020, Nguyen Sieu School collaborated with the Vietnam - France Psychology Institute (VFPI) to organize the "Stress Management Workshop" for all high school students, aiming to provide them with a clearer understanding of stress and guide them towards healthy and sustainable physical and mental development.

The workshop featured speaker Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Van Hao, who covered three main topics:

  • Recognizing stress and its levels

  • The impacts of stress

  • Managing stress

Throughout the workshop, students enthusiastically interacted and shared with the speaker, gaining insights into the dual nature of stress.

There are various causes of stress, including factors from within the body such as poor health, frequent insomnia, negative thinking, self-imposed pressure, or substance abuse, and external factors such as environmental pollution, conflicts in relationships, work and study pressure, etc.

Stress manifests in various forms, including physical, mental, behavioral, and emotional symptoms, and it is increasingly common in today's society. Moderate stress can serve as motivation to focus and work more effectively. However, excessive and prolonged stress, if not intervened with, can lead to complications such as cardiovascular diseases, digestive issues, nervous disorders, and adverse effects on mental health and work performance.

Therefore, individuals need certain skills to cope with and prevent stress: transforming pressure into motivation, cultivating positive thinking, enhancing time management skills, etc. Students can apply stress management techniques introduced during the workshop to reduce the negative impact of stress on themselves and lead healthier, happier lives.

By providing knowledge about stress through visual channels, communication, presentations, and particularly by offering useful information through, it is hoped that students will have gained a better understanding of stress - a constant companion in everyone's life. However, whether stress is a good companion or not depends on how we deal with it.

Vietnam - France Psychology Institute (VFPI) is a leading organization in the field of psychology in Vietnam. VFPI has a team of local and international, well-trained, experienced, and dedicated psychologists that offer clients quality counseling and psychotherapy services in many languages, such as Vietnamese, English, French, and Portuguese.

If you suspect yourself or your child having mental health issues or have concerns about the psychotherapies, please contact the hotline at 0979.158.463 today for advice.



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