Training Workshop "Building Happy Schools - Establishing School Culture" at Nguyen Sieu School

On December 8-9, 2020, Nguyen Sieu School and Vietnam - France Psychology Institute (VFPI) collaborated to organize a training program with the theme "Building Happy Schools - Establishing School Culture" for all teachers at the school. Directly involved in teaching the course were Associate Professor, Doctor of Psychology Nguyen Thi My Loc - Director of VFPI, and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy, Principal of the school. The training session helped teachers understand the concept of school culture, the role, and methods of building school culture, contributing significantly to the reputation and unique brand of Nguyen Sieu School.

In general organization and particularly in schools, culture always exists in every activity of the organization. And more than any other organization in society, the school must be the organization with the highest "content" of culture; it is the place of convergence, crystallization of culture to train cultural standards for society. School culture is a system of values, standards, beliefs, and behaviors of members within the school, creating the unique identity of the school. These values ​​are built and accumulated by generations of teachers and students over time and are educated for generations to preserve and promote in new conditions.

According to the iceberg model, the visible part of school culture includes vision, policies, purposes, goals; Setting, classroom arrangement; Logo, slogan, signboard, symbol; Uniforms, rituals, and ceremonies; Cultural activities, school learning... the submerged part of school culture is the organization to build a democratic, friendly atmosphere in the school; Organize mechanisms for supervision, planning, and conduct evaluation of commendation work; discipline; Identify and evaluate core values, beliefs, ideals... the school aims for in the future; Personal needs, emotions, desires;...

Studies show that school culture has an enormous impact on the quality of life and activities of the school. A positive, healthy school culture creates a favorable environment to support teaching and learning, encourages teachers and students to strive for training and achieve expected achievements. A healthy school culture helps reduce teacher dissatisfaction, minimize inappropriate student behavior; encourage cooperative relationships, share experiences, and learn from each other among teachers; create a democratic atmosphere, and attract the support of all members to plan the development of the school in the right direction.

To develop school culture, it is necessary to create a democratic, open, cooperative, mutually supportive atmosphere where all members are respected, always valued and have the opportunity to express and develop their abilities; establish appropriate evaluation and reward mechanisms to encourage everyone to work hard; make students feel loved, cared for, and cared for; encourage parents to participate in the school's educational activities and make parents understand their role; and the school board is always thinking to learn, innovate, and enhance credibility in the school,...

School culture plays a role in connecting members and creating stability by providing standards to guide other members in pursuit of the organization's common goals voluntarily, spontaneously. Building school culture is not entirely about creating an entirely new cultural value, but also about inheriting and developing positive values appropriate to the circumstances of each school while also eliminating negative, inappropriate, or hindering values for the school's development.

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