The signing ceremony for the project “Building the Nguyen Sieu Culture - Creating a Happy School” - Vietnam France Psychology Institute and Nguyen Sieu School

The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement for the project “Building the Nguyen Sieu Culture - Creating a Happy School” took place on December 4, 2019, at Nguyen Sieu School. The agreement was signed between Nguyen Sieu School and Vietnam - France Psychology Institute (VFPI).

The signing ceremony was attended by the school's teachers and consultants from VFPI. Representing for Nguyen Sieu School were Ms. Dương Thị Thịnh, Principal of Nguyen Sieu Primary School, and Ms. Nguyễn Thị Minh Thúy, Principal of Nguyen Sieu Secondary and High School. Representing VFPI was Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Lộc, the Director of VFPI, along with a team of consultants.

Research indicates that students' sense of well-being at school contributes to better academic performance, life satisfaction, and a higher perception of their own capabilities. In line with this, another study on the significance of the school life experience suggests that students content with their school life tend to develop better adaptive strategies in their living environment, enhancing personal resources. Understanding these findings, Nguyen Sieu School and VFPI have collaborated on the implementation of a project to build a school culture and create a happy school.

In this collaboration, both parties have set specific goals for the project based on the core values of Nguyen Sieu School, namely:

  • Establishing a school behavior culture: respect, integrity, discipline, empathy, cooperation, openness, perseverance, creativity, passion, and courage to face challenges.

  • Building positive relationships within the school, including collaborative relationships between different stakeholders: School Board - Managers – Teachers - Students - Parents.

  • Supporting the improvement of teaching and learning effectiveness within the school, especially in dealing with stress during teaching and learning activities.

  • Creating a safe physical and mental school environment.

  • Enhancing commitment and support in family-school relationships.

At the signing ceremony, the representative of Nguyen Sieu School, Ms. Nguyễn Thị Lan, Vice Principal of Nguyen Sieu School, stated: “Nguyen Sieu School expects that this collaboration will help our teachers build a comprehensive model of a happy school. Our goal is for teachers to enter the classroom with a spirit and attitude that bring peace and safety to students. In addition, teachers will receive training to educate students on emotional regulation and how to collaborate with teachers to create an environment of love, respect, safety, and value within the school.”

During the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Lộc, Director of VFPI, shared her thoughts: “A happy school must be implemented by the entire school community, from janitors, security personnel, cafeteria staff to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, teachers, and all must share that value system. It should be embedded in every school activity, not just during a few hours in the classroom. The challenge of the project lies in the need for unanimous agreement — a very high level of consensus throughout the entire school. To implement this model, it will require intensive deployment and thorough sharing. The success of this model depends on the support of the school leadership and the unanimous agreement of teachers and staff in the school.”

Nguyen Sieu School was established in 1991 and currently has 2,700 students across all three levels, along with 348 officials, teachers, and staff. The school follows a high-quality education model based on capital law and the international model of the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). Nguyen Sieu School is designed to develop students' competencies and qualities, combining the programs of the Ministry of Education and Training and the international Cambridge program, aiming for international examinations according to the standards of the University of Cambridge.

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