Seminar "Happy Schools" Organized By VFPI

On October 8th 2019, the series of seminars "Happy Schools," organized by Vietnam - France Psychology Institute (VFPI) in Hanoi, featured the participation of Prof. Dr. Agnes Florin from France, concluded successfully. Many teachers, parents, and journalists attended this event, with some even traveling from Ho Chi Minh City. This demonstrates that the question "How to make children enjoy learning at school?" is a concern for many. After listening to the lecture by Prof. Agnes, teachers and parents shared their concerns and collectively proposed solutions.

Prof. Agnes mentioned that one effective way to make children happier at school is through the use of assessment tools in the form of questionnaires. With these questionnaires, schools and teachers can clearly identify the difficulties their students are facing. For example, if many children complain about inadequate cleanliness in the restroom, making children scared to go to the toilet, causing stomach-ache and leading to a lack of concentration in class, the school can address this issue by upgrading the hygiene facilities. If many children dislike the communal dining area due to excessive noise, the school can install additional barriers to make lunchtime more comfortable and pleasant. It's important to note that these questionnaires should be conducted in the absence of teachers, and students' identities should remain confidential.

In particular, Prof. Agnes emphasized the relationship between teachers and parents. During the event, a teacher shared that many parents only care about grades and overlook the psychological and emotional issues of their children, even though teachers have clearly documented them in communication books. Prof. Agnes mentioned that this attitude needs correction because in countries where parents exert academic pressure on their children, the suicide rate among students is often high. "Family and school are the first social environments for children. Parents and teachers must stand together for the holistic development of every child," Prof. Agnes said.

Concluding the event in Vietnam, Prof. Agnes conveyed, "Creating a happy school environment is a challenging task, but I believe you can achieve it with perseverance."

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