Seminar "Happy School" Organized By VFPI And Hanoi Department Of Education And Training

Nowadays, the global educational objective extends beyond imparting knowledge to encompass comprehensive development, promoting children in optimal integration into society, recognizing their potential and leading a fulfilling life. To achieve this, schools must provide happy, safe and friendly environments and timely support in all aspects, from academics to mental health. While schools are known as knowledge hubs, they can also be sources of stress. A UNICEF study published in February 2018 identified academic pressure as one of the primary causes of mental health disorders among Vietnamese children. Instances have been recorded in our country where students resort to suicide due to the inability to meet the academic expectations of parents and teachers.

Beyond academic pressure, cases of school violence inflict severe emotional trauma on children. Police statistics for the first quarter of 2019 revealed 310 incidents of school violence nationwide, predominantly affecting secondary and high school students.

The question arises: How does the quality of the school environment impact the quality of life, academic success and future prospects of children? How can we build a happy school where children can develop comprehensively?

To assist school principals and education administrators in addressing these questions, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, in collaboration with Vietnam - France Psychology Institute, organized a Scientific Seminar on "Happy Schools" featuring lectures by Prof. Dr. Agnes Florin, an expert in child psychology and education from the Republic of France who has extensive experience with international organizations such as UNICEF, CONFEMEN, and theOECD.

During the event, Professor Agnes, alongside education administrators and teachers, explored the needs and development of young children in various aspects, including eating, sleeping, health, cognition, emotions, and social skills. Professor Agnes also analyzed common phenomena observed in children, such as a lack of motivation for learning.

Through a series of studies from France, education administrators will grasp the significance of the school environment, define student happiness, and identify factors influencing school happiness. Additionally, in comparison with French culture, the seminar highlights the cultural characteristics of Vietnam, allowing each administrator to make appropriate adjustments for their own school. Participants in the seminar also have the opportunity to explore examples of positive education models worldwide and methods to improve the school atmosphere. In addition to issues related to students, administrators are also provided with information on teacher-related issues and the family-school relationship.

The happiness of children when they come to school is a future challenge. To ensure the comprehensive and healthy development of children, schools should stand alongside and share responsibilities with each family.

Professor information: Prof. Agnes Florin

Professor Emeritus of Child and Educational Psychology at Nantes University, member of the Centre de recherches en éducation de Nantes (CREN-UR2661). Head of the National Center for the Study of School Systems (CNESCO; President of the Association francophone de psychologie et psychopathologie de l'enfant et de l'adolescent (APPEA.

Her research and expertise in France (National Assembly, Senate, Ministries, etc.) and internationally (UNICEF, OECD, CONFEMEN, etc.) focus on: quality of life at school and children's well-being, quality of early childhood education; adult-child interactions; multilingual development; evaluation of children's skills; and prevention of learning difficulties.

Vietnam - France Psychology Institute (VFPI) is a leading organization in the field of psychology in Vietnam. VFPI has a team of local and international, well-trained, experienced, and dedicated psychologists that offer clients quality counseling and psychotherapy services in many languages, such as Vietnamese, English, French, and Portuguese.

If you suspect yourself or your child having mental health issues or have concerns about the psychotherapies, please contact the hotline at 0977.729.396 today for advice.

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