Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony between Vietnam Psychotherapy Association & Vietnam-France Psychology Institute

On 28th July 2020, the Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony between Vietnam Psychotherapy Associaton (VPA) and Vietnam-France Psychology Institute (VFPI) took place at VFPI’s head office on 54 Trần Quốc Vượng, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Dr Vo Van Ban and Prof. PhD. Nguyen Thi My Loc
10th December 2018 marked the establishment of VPA under Goverment’s Approval, Decision No. 2634/QĐ-BNV. VPA is registered as a social organisation and and a professional body representing Psychotherapy in Vietnam with clinicians, GPs, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, educators, educational psychologists as its members. VPA and VFPI’s mutual agreement is to build up a community of professionals and experts that supports and enhance the development and application of psychotherapy for the greater public good, and disseminating their knowledge to increase public awareness. Both bodies strive to be the learned association and professional institute for the discipline, determine and ensure the highest standards in all we do, promote and advance the discipline, embrace equity, diversity and inclusion in everything we do and be the authoritative and public voice of psychology.

Alongside, VPA and VFPI support each other by setting high standards for research, education and knowledge, working alongside the government’s policies to develop a Vietnamese society that values Mental Health Care.
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