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Lĩnh vực nghiên cứu : Nursing

Nơi công tác : Hanoi French Hospital–Hanoi

February 2014 to present: Hanoi French Hospital Hanoi, Vietnam
Nursing director and medical training executive. Associate Professor at Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam:
- Organize the department in accordance with the guidance of the Vietnamese government and administration to provide nursing services designated to meet the instructions of medical and legal staff with the application of a medical management system of France and Vietnam.
- Pursue the plan to achieve the Hospital’s goals
- Recruit and train an average of 15 new employees each year. Total number of nursing and technical staffs is 140 people
- Develop a staff communication system to ensure proper implementation of treatment plans, to report incidents and to take care of patients.
- Keep maintaining and improving the reputation and positive image of the hospital
- Achieve high employee morale and maintain through effective communication, timely problem solving, proactive monitoring practices and facilitating active working environment
- Monitor and manage the daily activities of a clinical team comprising about two hundred doctors, nurses and support staffs.
-The nursing department coordinates and deploys the French workforce according to the regulations of Vietnam Ministry of Health and to ensure the availability of clinical staffs and appropriate support for inpatient care.
- Analyze the feedbacks of patients and their families to identify issues that need to be improved.
- Monitor and control infections and key incidents as well as quality improvement plans related to French hygiene and quality specialists.
- Carry out monthly patient care and staff meetings to educate staffs and facilitate good communication for them.
- Start the audit process to evaluate the thoroughness of documents, procedures and equipment maintenance
- Optimize the cooperation with Hanoi Medical University by means of seminars, training and exchanges related to doctors and nurses.