There are many treatments to treat mental health problems. The treatments allow the patient to regain their ability to control emotions, behaviors, balance life and daily activities. The sooner the problem is discovered, the higher the chance of recovering health after treatment.

The majority of mental illnesses are effectively treated with psychotherapy in combination with treatment with barbiturates, anxiety, depression, etc. depending on the patient's problem.

+ Drug therapy is often applied to chronic mental illness depending on the symptoms of the disease has a specific effect on reducing certain groups of symptoms. Or apply to patients who do not cooperate with psychotherapy, in order to help them stabilize their emotions and cooperate in psychotherapy. Medication should only be used for chronic mental disorders.

+ Psychological treatment, based on diagnosis, personality traits, preferences, strengths of the patient, various support resources that the psychologist will plan activities , therapeutic interventions tailored to the patient's characteristics. The therapies are often used in the treatment of mental health problems: relaxation therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, etc.

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